HNL Airport - Daniel K. Inouye Airport

formerly Honolulu International Airport, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

HNL Airport Map

The map above is a Google map of Honolulu Airport. The image below is the State of Hawaii. It is easy to find maps of Honolulu and the airport. So that is not usually the concern. Many people are not aware that the State of Hawaii is made up of Islands. Honolulu is on the Island of Oahu. You cannot drive to the other Islands and you cannot ferry to the other Islands.

Finding maps has become easier than in the past. Some airlines, like Hawaiian Airlines will offer you a free map inflight before you arrive in Honolulu. Their map is quite good. However, that is really only the tip of the iceberg. All the car rental companies provide free maps when you pickup a car. The Internet is full of map websites, where you can print a map before you arrive or print a map at the hotel business center. Perhaps the most convenient map choice is to use your smart phone. See the Google Play Store for Android apps or iTunes Apple apps related to GPS or navigation.

Hawaii Map
Hawaii Map