HNL Airport - Daniel K. Inouye Airport

formerly Honolulu International Airport, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

HNL Weather - Honolulu Airport Weather

The weather at HNL Airport is characteristic of the Island of Oahu. The rest of the Island is going to similiar and fairly consistent with the temperature, climate, humidity and conditions you experience on arriving.

Hawaii Weather

Why do people vacation in Hawaii? We think it is because of the tropical weather, clear ocean waters, volcanic mountains, rain forests and more.

If you swim, snorkel or SCUBA, you'll love the Islands. The oceans are comfortably cool and very clear. For ocean activities we recommend going out early in the day. The ocean tends to be flat in the morning. The trade winds generally start late morning. Once the trade winds start expect there are going to be more waves and the surf will be rougher. The best visibility will be in the early morning.

Warm and sunny is a typical day in Hawaii. The sunshine is invigorating. It's easy to take the sunshine for granted. The majority of days are bright and sunny. Generally the temperatures are pleasantly in the low to mid eighties, winter and summer. Remember the trade winds blow across the Island in the mid to late morning, just as the temperature would make it too warm. That's the secret to the wonderful climate, trade winds. Just when you need a bit of cooling the wind crosses the Islands to moderate the temperatures.